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Do you know how to communicate your strategy to seniors?

At Roble we feel part of a wonderful Silver community. As we progress, the learning curve becomes more interesting, complete and complex.

Hands and senior

Today we want to share with you learning and communication tools that allow us a greater connection with our users.

  1. Clarity and conciseness: in today's world, the multiplicity of variants, options and alternatives to choose from increases. However, seniors greatly appreciate simple, easy-to-understand messages; explanations that, although obvious, make them understand the why in simple terms. Long and confusing messages are rejected by this segment.

  2. Direct and personal help: Older adults require human support when it comes to new technologies. This does not mean that they cannot use technology, they are very skilled at continuing to learn, but it is important to distinguish that they are not digital natives and that the language is not the same. The good part? They are willing to learn and spend time. For this, we have created workshops and tutorials where they can learn how to navigate our application, which have been very well received.

  3. WhatsApp as an important means of communication: in our region, WhatsApp Messenger is the most used messaging platform and that all companies are taking advantage of to help their customers and users. This goes hand in hand with helping seniors personally, due to the easy understanding of the platform and willingness to use it.

  4. Emotions and feelings: Make seniors feel something in al your communications. Tell stories of success, create community, offer examples of leaders and inspiring people.

  5. Explain the usability of the service: Highlight the difference of your service and tell them the things that are important. Such as, how can this service help them improve their cognitive abilities? What does it contribute to their health?

Tell us, how do you communicate with the Silver world?

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