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Does your organization want to contribute to adults well-being?

Roble is the most complete wellness mobile app designed to increase sharpness, connectivity, and engagement for adults 60 years plus.

Available as scalable and accessible platform for:


Public Administration


The technology

SMART RECSYS for personalized content

Scientifically proven & developed by experts

Gentle push notifications through WhatsApp Bot


Gamification system to boost users engagement

Friendly User-Experience - scroll-down;

Data Analytics and predictive analytics

What does Roble offer?

A personalized and effective mobile application to improve the well-being of your senior community. 

Why choose Roble?

We are constantly looking out for new ways to improve our offering so that our users can increase their well-being. 

Is Roble right for you?

Roble is right for you if you want to add more value to your offering, leading to an improved relationship with your clients.  

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Aging at home: Telecare

We want to make it easy for seniors to stay engaged and stimulated while aging at home.

At Roble, we understand the importance of proactive steps towards aging well at home. By promoting an active and engaged lifestyle, we empower seniors to live their best lives and maintain their independence.

Take proactive steps towards aging well at home and empower your clients to live their best lives. Contact us today to learn more and get started!


Do you want to integrate Roble App into your organization?

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